Mini 18k Yellow Gold Crystal Orb Talisman Pendant with Amethyst


Crystal Ball Collection — The Feeling Of Knowing; The Essence of Clarity.

Amethyst Crystal Meaning: Awakening, Protection, Creativity.

Talisman Pendant:

  • 18K Solid Yellow Gold
  • Polished Natural Amethyst Orb
  • Pendant Size: 10 mm W x 10 mm D x 18 mm H
  • Gemstone Size: 8 mm Diameter Sphere

Why is it special?

  • Sacred Geometry: The Sphere represents wholeness, unity, and infinite possibility.
  • Crystal Sphere: A seamless form amplifying the stone’s energy.
  • Everlasting Earth Element Heals: Each piece, composed of solid gold and natural gemstone, embodies the highest vibration.
  • All handcrafted by a master artisan, ensuring a unique, personal touch and premium quality.
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Care Guide

Our jewelry is designed to last forever with proper care. To maintain its timeless beauty, gently wipe with a soft cloth after each wear.

Avoid harsh chemicals and store in a soft, lined box.

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Curated Gemstone Beliefs and Meanings
  • Rock Crystal: Master Healer, Manifestation, Positivity, Luck
  • Diamond: Love, Abundance, Happiness
  • White Jade: Health, Healing, Luck
  • Rose Quartz: Love, Happiness
  • Pink Sapphire: Harmony, Relaxation, Calm
  • Ruby: Love, Wealth, Success
  • Red Onyx: Strength, Healing
  • Lemon Citrine: Wealth, Abundance, Success
  • Orange Citrine: Wealth, Abundance, Success
  • Orange Sapphire: Truth, Wisdom
  • Green Amethyst (Prasiolite): Abundance, Harmony, Calm
  • Diopside: Healing, Intuition
  • Aventurine: Positivity, Manifestation, Health
  • Amazonite: Harmony, Relaxation, Calm
  • Blue Topaz: Health, Healing, Positivity
  • Blue Sapphire: Wealth, Abundance, Creativity
  • Lapis Lazuli: Wisdom, Creativity
  • Amethyst: Awakening, Protection, Creativity
  • Smoky Quartz: Protection, Detoxification, Luck
  • Black Diamond: Protection, Strength
  • Black Onyx: Protection, Detoxification, Luck
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