Why Energy, Vibration and Frequency?

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.

---- Nikola Tesla

Our vibration shapes our reality.

It matters, literally.

Why Crystal?

Our earth is alive.

Crystal is alive.

It senses our vibration and responds to us with love.

What's special here?

Rebecca Li is on a mission to raise our vibration through her creation.

Everything was designed to help us ReMember our true self and stay in high vibes.

What type of crystal is good for me?

  • All crystals are alive
  • There isn’t any type that’s better than others. They can all support and assist us.
  • The culture beliefs made some common associations. If we believe certain type will help us for certain things, it will be so. But it’s our belief not the difference in crystal.

What are the common crystal beliefs across all cultures?

Curated Gemstone Beliefs and Meanings for Mindful Adornment

Gemstones Meaning / Beliefs
Rock Crystal Master Healer – Manifestation – Positivity – Luck. People also believe it can emplify energy as well as the effect of other natural elements, such as gemstones and gold.
Diamond Love – Abundance - Happiness
White Jade Health – Healing - Luck
Rose Quartz Love – Happiness
Pink Sapphire Harmony – Relaxation – Calm
Ruby Love – Wealth – Success
Red Onyx Strength - Healing
Lemon Citrine Wealth – Abundance – Success
Orange Citrine Wealth – Abundance – Success
Orange Sapphire Truth – Wisdom
Green Amethyst (Prasiolite) Abundance - Harmony – Calm
Diopside Healing – Intuition
Aventurine Positivity – Manifestation – Health
Amazonite Harmony – Relaxation – Calm
Blue Topaz Health – Healing – Positivity
Blue Sapphire Wealth - Abundance – Creativity
Lapis Lazuli Wisdom – Creativity
Amethyst Awakening – Protection - Creativity
Smoky Quartz Protection - Detoxification – Luck
Black Diamond Protection - Strength
Black Onyx Protection - Detoxification – Luck

What's next?

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