Hello, beautiful souls, and welcome to my space! I'm Rebecca Li, and today I want to answer a commonly asked question: "Why should I care about the energy of my jewelry?"

The truth is, this question goes beyond just jewelry. We should care about the energy of everything around us — the people we interact with, the places we go, and yes, even the objects we use. The universe is composed of energy, and it's my fundamental belief that by intentionally aligning with higher frequencies, we elevate our whole lives.

Now, why the focus on jewelry, you might ask? For me, it's all about the incredible energy of crystals and gemstones. If you've watched my previous videos, you'll remember I've shared my experiences with visions and dreams that led me to have a glimpse of, I believe, higher dimensions. One thing that stood out? The prevalent use of crystals there. I will tell you all the details in later videos, but in short, my intuition—what I believe to be guidance from my higher self—tells me that crystals serve as a sort of "technology" in these higher realms, because of their unique vibrational properties.
Also, it's not just me; crystals and gemstones have been valued across cultures since ancient times, whether for healing, protection, or other purposes. So, I think there's something incredibly special about them.
Ultimately, as a designer, I want to create objects that elevate our lives here in this 3 dimensional world, and I see crystals as the perfect medium to achieve that.

So, why should we care about the energy of our jewelry? Because it's an opportunity for us to align with higher, positive frequencies, and make a conscious choice for our own well-being. Until next time, keep shining.