Who Am I

A tiny crystal Talisman my mom gave me 37 years ago,

taught me the life secrets that words failed to convey.

I saw a better way.

My name is Rebecca. 

I grew up in Yunnan, a far southwest region in China where Shangri-La is.

21 years ago,

I moved to Los Angeles to pursue Graduate degree in Art.

Now I am creating fine jewelries for modern mindful women. 

Why I Create

The first 6 years of my life,
my family lived in a 129 square feet apartment with no bath.
You might think my life was miserable back then, 
but the truth is,
I was happy.

We all believe fulfilling desires will make us happy,
but I find the opposite is true.
Happy makes our dreams become true.

I couldn’t explain why, but happy caused my world to morph.
Happy brought me synchronicity.
Happy let me see more.
I learned to choose happy no matter what, 
because happy is the goal anyway.

To me,
my crystal talisman from my mom served as an escape
to let me have happier thoughts when circumstances were tough. 
It became a connection to my inner world,
where I can find true wisdom.

People used to ask me why I can always stay in a positive and uplifted state,
I think it’s my little talisman,
the little ritual that takes me within.

I understand it now.
Nothing happens by chance.
When we get in touch with true wisdom, 
we see our world from a broader perspective.
When we can see more,
we understand why,
then we see love, joy and beauty no matter where we are.

My mom taught me the life secrets through an object of art.
I want to do the same.