How Do I Know Which Type of Crystal Is Good for Me?


Are you wondering, 'How Do I Know Which Type of Crystal Is Good for Me?' If so, you're not alone. In a world where there's a crystal for every purpose under the sun, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by choices. However, as I've shared in my videos, the secret to finding the right crystal lies not in the stone itself, but in your beliefs and intentions. In this article, we'll explore how to choose crystals that resonate with you personally, using both the insights from my videos and our comprehensive crystal meaning chart. Whether you're a seasoned crystal enthusiast or new to this fascinating world, you'll discover how to select crystals that align with your unique path. 

Understanding the Living Nature of Crystals

It's fascinating to think of crystals as living entities, isn't it? I want to share a personal experience that truly illuminated this concept for me. When I first decided to start my own jewelry business, I began with the resources readily available to me. At that time, my designs primarily involved standard cut stones, simply because I didn't have access to custom-cut stones or the means to source them myself.

However, I noticed something remarkable during this early phase. I had several design drafts that were particularly challenging, conceived with rock crystal in mind. Initially, I doubted my ability to bring these designs to life. But then, almost like magic, everything started falling into place. It felt as if the universe was aligning perfectly, just waiting for me to present these drafts.

This experience was my gateway to using rock crystal more extensively. It was not just about incorporating them into my jewelry designs but also about forming a deeper connection with them. Through rock crystal, I began to truly feel their presence and understand their essence. This journey with rock crystals led me to a profound discovery about myself, gemstones, and crystals. It reinforced my belief that crystals are more than mere stones; they resonate with our intentions and energies, responding in ways that sometimes defy conventional understanding.

They can feel us and respond to our intentions. When we approach crystals with positivity, they seem to come alive, aiding us in our endeavors. Conversely, if our intentions are not in harmony, their energy may become dormant. My journey in the world of crystals has taught me the importance of approaching them with clarity and positivity. It may sound unconventional to some, but as we become more sensitive to the energies around us, the interactions with crystals start to make profound sense


Breaking Down Common Crystal Myths

There are many myths surrounding crystals and their uses. Some believe that you need a specific type of crystal for a specific purpose. However, my perspective is different. I believe that all crystals are fundamentally capable of helping us in various ways. It’s not the crystal itself that determines its effectiveness but how we interact with it and the meaning we assign to it. In short, it's our intention and belief that made the difference.


All Crystals Are Alive And There Is Not A Specific Crystal That Would Be Correct Or Incorrect To Use.

When choosing a crystal, your intention is key. Think about what you wish to attract or manifest. Whether it's peace, creativity, love, or protection, your clear and positive intention activates the crystal's potential to assist you in your journey.


How to Choose the Right Crystal for You

Knowing that crystals are responsive to our intentions, selecting the right one becomes a journey of self-awareness and intentionality. Start by exploring traditional meanings but remember, these are just guidelines. Your intuition and the intentions you set are what truly determine the connection you'll have with your crystal.


Cultural believes and Traditional Meanings as a Starting Point

Our crystal meaning chart is a great place to begin. It offers insights into the traditional associations of various crystals. As you explore, notice which crystals you feel naturally drawn to. This attraction is often a sign of alignment between the crystal's energy and your current needs or desires.

Here is the Crystal meaning chart you can use as a reference:



Meaning / Beliefs

Rock Crystal

Master Healer – Manifestation – Positivity – Luck. People also believe it can emplify energy as well as the effect of other natural elements, such as gemstones and gold.


Love – Abundance - Happiness

White Jade

Health – Healing - Luck

Rose Quartz

Love – Happiness

Pink Sapphire

Harmony – Relaxation – Calm


Love – Wealth – Success

Red Onyx

Strength - Healing

Lemon Citrine

Wealth – Abundance – Success

Orange Citrine

Wealth – Abundance – Success

Orange Sapphire

Truth – Wisdom

Green Amethyst (Prasiolite)

Abundance - Harmony – Calm


Healing – Intuition


Positivity – Manifestation – Health


Harmony – Relaxation – Calm

Blue Topaz

Health – Healing – Positivity

Blue Sapphire

Wealth - Abundance – Creativity

Lapis Lazuli

Wisdom – Creativity


Awakening – Protection - Creativity

Smoky Quartz

Protection - Detoxification – Luck

Black Diamond

Protection - Strength

Black Onyx

Protection - Detoxification – Luck




In conclusion, understanding which type of crystal is good for you involves recognizing the living nature of these remarkable stones and how they respond to your intentions. By choosing your crystal with awareness, setting clear and positive intentions, and respecting the unique energy each crystal holds, you can forge a meaningful and supportive bond with your chosen crystal. Remember, your journey with crystals is as alive and dynamic as the crystals themselves. Approach it with an open heart and mind, and watch as the world of crystals unfolds its wonders for you.