Let us take a look at the symbolic meaning of the metals we often use in Jewelry creation. Gold was believed to represent perfection and purity.It's a symbol of wealth, prosperity, authority and charisma. It was supposed to aid in healing, protection, growth and knowledge. Silver is associated with philosophical traits of intuition, self-reflection and inner wisdom. It is a feminine metal, a symbol of purity and is connected to the goddesses and spirits. Its energies include divination, healing, protection, emotion, love, wisdom, dreams, luck and wealth. It is symbolic of attributes such as vision, clarity, awareness, focus, persistence and subtle strength. Copper embodies the nurturing aspect of women and their youthfulness. It is associated with the matters of love & lust, and symbolizes characteristics like charisma, feminine beauty, artistic creativity, affection, caring and balance. It is also considered a healing metal that teaches about living a fulfilling life. Antimony teaches of wisdom and strength that can be gained from others and also given in return. Antimony represents the free spirit, wild nature or animal power dwelling within all humans.