18k Real Solid Gold Chain: 

    • 18k solid rose gold
    • Adjustable chain, 1 mm wide
    • Length: 16 inch - 17.5 inch
    • Spring clasp
Dainty Crystal Link:
    • 18k rose gold
    • natural rose quartz
    • rose quartz crystal size: 6 mm W * 5.5 mm H * 3 mm D
Why is it special: 
    • Sacred Geometry :
      • hexagon, hidden flower of life, hidden seed of life.
    • Crystal Structure :
      • connect to the flow of the Universe.
    • Rose Quartz Meaning :
      • love - happy
    • Ancient Wisdom:
      • being mindful, feel everything.
    • Everlasting Earth Element Heals:
      • solid rose gold and rose quartz crystals.
      • Solid gold has been called "the master healer"
      • The warm color of rose gold is the color of the second chakra -- sacral chakra. It makes you feel sensual, safe and abundant.
    • Handcrafted by master artisan, infused with mindfulness.
Ways to Wear it:
    • This 18k real solid rose gold chain can be used with any Rebecca Li six senses talisman pendant, or your existing pendants.
    • It's also perfect to wear it by itself or layer with other necklaces.