Rebecca Li Six Senses Talisman Medium Rock Crystal Diamond
Rebecca Li Six Senses Talisman Pendant with Diamond and Rock Crystal

Medium 18K Real Rose Gold Necklace Pendant With Natural Diamond And Healing Rock Crystal Point – Six Senses Talisman Collection

This exquisite 18k solid rose gold necklace pendant is a talisman for luck, love, and manifestation. It features 30 pieces tiny diamond and a natural clear rock crystal point. Wear it to witness your dream and desire unfold.

Talisman Pendant :

    • 18k rose gold.
    • 30 pieces small diamond.
    • Natural healing clear rock crystal point
    • Pendant size: 14 mm W * 12.5 mm D * 27 mm H
    • Healing rock crystal size:  12 mm W * 11 mm D * 14 mm H

Why is it special?

    • Sacred Geometry :
      • hexagon, hidden flower of life, hidden seed of life.
    • Crystal Structure :
      • connect to the flow of the Universe.
    • Rock Crystal Meaning :
      • manifestation – positivity – luck
    • Diamond Meaning:
      • love – abundance – happy
    • Ancient Wisdom:
      • talisman is a protection necklace spell
      • being mindful, paying attention to your breathing, feeling peace in this busy world
    • Everlasting Earth Element Heals:
      • solid rose gold and natural rock crystal.
    • Every piece is handcrafted by master artisan, infused with mindfulness.

Gold chain in the picture is not included. Click here to see the listing for 18k solid rose gold chain.