Rebecca Li Six Senses Talisman Pendant with Diamond and Rock Crystal

Medium 18K Real Rose Gold Necklace Pendant With Natural Diamond And Healing Rock Crystal Point – Six Senses Talisman Collection

This exquisite 18k solid rose gold necklace pendant is a talisman for luck, love, and manifestation. It features 30 pieces tiny diamond and a natural clear rock crystal point. Wear it to witness your dream and desire unfold.

Talisman Pendant :

    • 18k rose gold.
    • 30 pieces small diamond.
    • Natural healing clear rock crystal point
    • Pendant size: 14 mm W * 12.5 mm D * 27 mm H
    • Healing rock crystal size:  12 mm W * 11 mm D * 14 mm H

Why is it special?

    • Sacred Geometry :
      • hexagon, hidden flower of life, hidden seed of life.
    • Crystal Structure :
      • connect to the flow of the Universe.
    • Rock Crystal Meaning :
      • manifestation – positivity – luck
    • Diamond Meaning:
      • love – abundance – happy
    • Ancient Wisdom:
      • talisman is a protection necklace spell
      • being mindful, paying attention to your breathing, feeling peace in this busy world
    • Everlasting Earth Element Heals:
      • solid rose gold and natural rock crystal.
    • Every piece is handcrafted by master artisan, infused with mindfulness.

Gold chain in the picture is not included. Click here to see the listing for 18k solid rose gold chain.