Why should we care about the energy of our jewelry?

Unlocking the Secrets of Crystals: A Guided Journey to Finding Your Perfect Match

Video: I added this to my wish list, and it works

The way I gain insights from higher realm

First Month 2023

First Page of My New Document

Working with Nina Baumer

Rose Quartz and Green Amethyst Six Senses Talisman

Just updated few of our Rebecca Li Studio website pages

Peeking Through The Thin Veil

Rainbow Rocks

One of the classic crystal talisman

Poor man’s engagement ring

A random painting in a random day, in the middle of 2020

Do you use pendulum when you need to make a difficult decision?

One Fine Day

This is finally available

I am curious about this design

Love nature’s color

I am tired of seeing everyone wearing the same type of wedding bands everywhere, including me, and I decided to come up with a solution.

This is what inspired me to create Luck Rock collection.

Three times Emmy-Award Winner, Leyna Nguyen

Crystal Link Under The Sun

Interview With Urban Wellness Mag

I Am So Tired Of Displaying My Jewelry On Those Velvet Neck Stand, So I Started To Create My Own Display.

My New Crystal Link Necklace In Natural Rainbow Gemstone And 18K Rose Gold

The Day To Remember Ring Concept (01-25-2018)

Working On My First Ring Collection. Still Doing Minor Tweaks On This Design.

Wearing Two Together

Talisman Bracelet

In This Case, Bigger Is Better I Think

Manifest Dreams By Having Mindfulness Moment Everyday

Hexagonal Awareness Month Is In March

Perfect Dainty Mini Natural Rose Quartz Crystal Link On 18K Solid Rose Gold Chain

Touch Mindfulness , Touch Amethyst

Ending With Two Blue Gemstones And One Purple Amethyst Crystal

Purple Gem

I Added This Tiny Amethyst Hex At The End Of My Mini Chain, And I Love It.

Invite Good Vibes Into My Life

The Gratification Of Seeing My Works In Print.

Mixing Colors With Medium Six Senses Talismans

Anxious ? Blue Will Make You Calmer.

Sneak Peek Of The Collection I Am Working On

Please Let Me Be Me

I See Things When I Close My Eyes

We Have The Ability To Live In The World Of “What Is”

There Is Nothing Good Or Bad. It Just Is.

Warm Feet, Warm Heart.

Nothing Happens By Chance

Relax … Nothing Is More Important Than Feeling Good Right Now


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