infinite ring 3

TwoRings 3

Your Ring Can Tell Your Own Story

Cookie cutter rings are not special enough for you.

Encode a Date In Your Ring


For Example

May 19th 2019

It looks like this on a circular calendar

Circular Calendar

By shifting each layer position around,
I can turn it into this design.

3DView 01 01

Final Ring

infinite love ring 3 layer 1mm

HighestQuality 2

Highest Quality

18k solid gold

All handcrafted

Designed to last forever

FairestPrice 2

The Fairest Price

We think selling at 10x the cost is crazy

By purchasing directly from us, the maker, we are bringing you the very best product without the excessive price tag.

SatisfactionGuarantee 4

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind all of our creation

Instead of charging a non-refundable deposit before you even see the design, we offer 100% transparency and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If not satisfied, we will remake or refund.