Hello, beautiful souls, and welcome back to my space! I'm Rebecca Li, and today I am answering another frequently asked question: "How do I know which type of crystal is good for me?"
Before diving into today's question, let's explore why crystals can elevate our vibe. In my own spiritual journey, I've come to understand that just like nature and animals, our earth, mountains and crystals all have consciousness. This leads me to my point number 1, all crystals are alive. They respond to sound and vibrational frequencies, and they have heightened sensitivities. They can sense our intent. If our intention is positive, they resonate with us, and amplify the light within us. I also believe they can act as anchors to channel more light for us from higher realms.

That brings to my Point number 2: there's not a 'right' or 'wrong' crystal to use. I know there's a lot of talk about how specific crystals have certain benefits, however this kind of interpretation is not what I am inspired to agree with, so it comes to my Point number 3: Our beliefs shape the efficacy of crystals.

It's not so much the type of crystal that matters but our belief in what it can do for us. Cultural and collective beliefs assigned certain properties to different crystals, but ultimately, it's your individual belief that activates its potential. If you believe a certain type will assist you in a specific way, then it will, because that was your intention.

So, to wrap up today's question, "How do I know which type of crystal is good for me?"
My answer is simple: any crystal can be beneficial if approached with positive and loving intent. We may have preconceived notions or cultural beliefs that guide us towards specific type of crystals, but when you're browsing for crystal jewelry or raw stones, trust your feeling. If a particular piece just feels 'right,' then that is meant for you at that moment.

Until next time, stay bright!